AmbCoach, Inc. provides the medical transportation community a solutions oriented professional Billing & Accounts Receivable Management Service. At AmbCoach, Inc. we realize that the ability for any medical transportation organization to achieve its mission, accomplish its goals, provide for the organization and its personnel and maintain a quality operation is directly related to the degree of success or failure the organization has in its ability to convert patient services into usable dollars.

The issue of third party billing, follow-up, and collection has become increasingly more complex. It is an issue that is measured in real dollar terms. Financial stability is attained through professional administrative, reimbursement, and process management services. When the billing department fails, it is typically because there has been so much time and effort placed on the “front end” process of getting the information gathered, confirmed, and entered into the system that once the claims and invoices are submitted and mailed there is no time left for follow-up.

Additionally, the ever changing rules for who’s responsible for what and when are extremely difficult to keep track of. AmbCoach, Inc. is in the business of medical transportation billing, we must keep track of these issues because we’re being paid to do so.

Since November 2003 Ambcoach Inc. has offered “Post Billing Follow-up Services.” Some agencies call it "Early Out" services. This means that once you have invoiced your patient or submitted the insurance claim for patient services, AmbCoach, Inc. can pick up the process. Our highly trained, skilled, experienced staff will handle all the follow-up, i.e. customer service, phone calls, repeat invoicing, claim adjudication follow-up, appeals, payment posting, etc. This is not a “collection service,” but instead a billing assistant. Hard to collect co-payments, deductibles, and insurance accounts that have been paid directly to the patient can now be collected easier and faster.

Ambcoach has had great success in assisting ambulance services collect those hard-to-track dollars since 2003. When you don’t have the time, knowledge, or experience to deal with the insurance carriers and their ever changing rules and regulations, our Post Billing Follow-up Processing Service department can help.